I will be taking the following Covid precautions to ensure the safety of everyone who visits Tranquility Healing Therapies:

Arrival: I ask that on arrival, you wear a mask  before entering the building. (I can provide a material mask if you don 't have your own).  I will ask you to use hand sanitiser also on entry, and I will apply it for you. I will check your temperature also. When lying face down, you can remove your mask. I will ask you to place your mask back on when lying face up. I will be wearing a visor and possibly a mask also as I have a person within my household who is shielding.

Ventilation: A small window will be open throughout the session for circulation of air. You won't be cold though!

Treatment time: Appointments will last a maximum of 1 hour. There will be a Covid-19 disclaimer to fill in as well as the normal information form. There will be no facial treatments, I will massage your head, neck and shoulders only whilst you are lying face down.

Hygiene: Everything will be disinfected inbetween each client, all surfaces, door handles etc. Please try and use your own toilet at home before you come for a treatment. If you do need to use our toilet facilities, there are paper towels and a bin provided to dry your hands.

Feeling unwell?: Please re-schedule if you feel ill or suspect you may be unwell. I will text clients the day before the appointment to check they are still well enough to attend.

Thank you for your co-operation.


Covid-19 Update