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I have always been interested in complentary therapies, how they work and how they can help with health issues. Around 25 years ago, I became interested in aromatherapy and how essential oils could help me and my family. Most complementary therapies evoke all of our 5 senses and are beneficial if used along side mainstream medicine. During the last 4 years, I have become involved in Usui Reiki energy healing and I have been attuned from a Reiki Master in person, through Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and up to Usui Reiki Master. The whole experience has really soothed my soul.

I practice from my therapy room in my own home. My special dedicated space is ideal for relaxation within a peaceful environment,  making  you feel comfortable and at home. I have carefully selected the best gentle aromas combined with subtle lighting and calming music to create the perfect atmosphere and ambience.  

After finding myself being suddenly made redundant having worked my whole life, I decided not to waste any further time and to follow the path that I had chosen to go down, and so I changed career to become a self employed therapist. In the future, I hope to add different therapies to my business so that I can offer my clients a wider choice of therapy.

Ideally, I would like to encourage those clients to visit me that may never have experienced a massage or reiki treatment previously, possibly because they have a poor body image or low self esteem, or just generally don’t know what to expect.   

I offer therapeutic massage, aromatherapy and reiki. Massage can be a very soothing or an invigorating experience dependent upon your choice, and is widely known for being beneficial to good health by boosting the immune system, improving circulation, enabling better flexibility, helping to remove toxins through lymphatic drainage and also promote good mental health.

Reiki can help with a range of emotional issues and poor mental health problems and other health issues. Reiki therapy is ideal for stress relief and promotes positive wellbeing.


Thank you for visiting Tranquility Healing Therapies, and I hope one day you may visit my tranquil therapy room.

Best wishes,


Registered Member - The Complimentary Medical Association